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Relationships are very important to us here at Hayes, which means that we really, really want to hear from you! 

Hayes farmhouse blurry in the background with flowering peas in the foreground

General Inquiries

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Hayes Farm Team

Edee, wearing glasses and rainbow mittens, smiling

Edee Klee

NB Community Harvest Gardens Co-Chair

(506) 260 8908


Nacole Charlie

Program Coordinator


(506) 260 7932


Mark Trealout

Farm Manager & 
Core Instructor


Carol with 1 brightly coloured parrot on her should, 1 on her chest, and one on each hand

Carol Muncer

NBHCG Garden Director

(506) 449 3768

Cecelia wearing a pink sweater picking herbs in a field, holding a woven basket

Cecelia Brooks

Indigenous Knowledge Specialist


(506) 461 6806

Matthew grinning with a springtime field and several friends behind them

Matthew Golding

Farm Mentorship Coordinator


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