Holistic Farm Business Planner

Thanks for your interest in the HFBP programming!  We have completed our 2019 offering, but will be offering this course again in the fall of 2020 - stay tuned!

The Holistic Farm Business Planner (HFBP) course is designed to refine your farm vision and provide sharper focus for your future farm operations, while making sure to include the various activities in your life that bring you joy.

The HFBP course WILL NOT teach participants growing skills - if that is your interest, please read about our Regenerative Farming Certificate program! Upon successful completion of all 10 HFBP sessions, participants will have a personalized, realistic, profitable, and fulfilling farm plan. Successful completion will also qualify participants for up to one hour per month of mentor support from December to March.

This course will best suit individuals or partners who:  

  • are considering starting up a small scale agricultural operation in the near future,

  • are looking to expand an existing ‘home-use’ garden or homestead into a revenue positive operation,

  • have completed the Hayes Farm Regenerative Farming Certificate program and are ready to take the next steps, or

  • are part of an existing family farm and looking to start up their own personal project on the farm


The HFBP course will begin on Sunday, September 8 and finish on Sunday, November 24. There will be a total of 10 classes throughout this period, every Sunday afternoon (except for October 13 and November 10) from 1-to-5pm. . Sessions will be held at the Multicultural Association of Fredericton at 28 Saunders Street.

The 2019 HFBP is a pilot program, and as such is being offered on a sliding scale. Participants can choose their investment in the range of $250-600. *Couples or farming partners working on the same business plan can register for the price of 1.


You will create a holistic farm business plan specific to your future farm operation. This will require reliable access to a computer plus some basic computer skills. Having a laptop or tablet in class would be ideal. Participants should also come prepared with an outline of their future farm operation. The greater the pre-planning, the more useful this course will be for the participant.

For some guidance and ALL the details about this course, please read this

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