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Incubator Plot Opportunities

In support of our Regenerative Farming Internship graduates, Hayes Farm has developed a farm incubator program which will offer a ‘medium-risk’ opportunity for select alumni. The land, utilities, infrastructure, and mentorship is intended to support the incubator grower in honing their skills to test drive a production and marketing plan before moving on to a remote plot of their own.

There are 3 potential incubator plots - 2 at Hayes Farm and 1 at the Marysville Community Garden. They may be used by 1 or more growers - together or independently - depending on the year, the individuals, and their plans.

See the full Incubator opportunity outline here.


A simple application form must be received by February 4, 2022 (click 'APPLY NOW' above). Though not necessary, priority will be given to Regenerative Farming Internship alumni who have completed any of the following:

  • the Regenerative Farming Certificate program (2018/2019/2020) AND the Holistic Farm Business Planner course

  • the Regenerative Farming Full Internship (2021)

  • the Regenerative Farming Summer Internship (2021) AND the Holistic Farm Business Planner course (2019/2020/2021).

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