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Incubator U-Grow

In support of graduates from our Regenerative Farming Internship program, Hayes Farm has developed a farm incubator program which offers a ‘medium-risk’ opportunity for select alumni. The land, utilities, infrastructure, and mentorship provided are intended to support the incubator grower in honing their skills to test drive a production and marketing plan before moving on to a remote plot of their own.

In 2023 we have two community-focused alumni returning to the farm to manage their own field blocks - read more about them and their plans for this growing season!

Robert & Julia

We are Robert and Julia and we are excited about Hayes Farm!


Neither of us thought we would be farmers, but being involved with the Hayes Farm project and spending time on the land for the past few years has sparked a passion for permaculture and created a newfound joy in growing our own food and taking care of the land.


Julia’s cousin Claire was one of the incredible humans who made Hayes Farm happen, and her work on this, and other farming projects has inspired us both to get involved in growing food.


Robert and Julia at Hayes with their friend's adorable baby

For Robert, memories of childhood time spent on a dairy farm have resurfaced as we spend time in the garden and practice what we have learned from the folks and the land at Hayes.


We have been involved with the farm in several different ways over the years, volunteering, learning, observing, building relationships with volunteers, staff, and interns, and in 2021 Julia took the Regenerative Farming Internship (RFI), which was a life altering experience for us both.


The next summer, we were extremely fortunate to steward our friend’s land along the Wolastoq in Gagetown, where we put our RFI knowledge to good use, operating a small market garden, growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers, guided by the teachings we learned at Hayes. Our work was guided by three goals: feeding ourselves, donating food to the community, and selling some of our products at local markets.


We are so excited to be part of the U-Grow program at Hayes in 2023. This summer is going to be a great learning experience for both of us. The land at Hayes, which lies on the traditional and unceded territory of the Wolastoqiyik, is truly magical, and it is regenerative just to be there. We can hardly contain our excitement as we begin to start our seeds for the growing season, and are so grateful to be back on the land, to share this space with other growers and learners, and to continue to grow food for ourselves and the community. We have both developed a newfound appreciation for doing things a bit slower, observing, and connecting with the task at hand, as well as the sense of fulfillment that comes from knowing that we can lower our emissions and become more self-sufficient while doing something that brings us joy.


Stay tuned for more about Ally's plans.

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