People working in a field with the words 'Hayes Farm' over top

Claire May

Crowdfund campaign - seeking financial contributions from our community


Welcome to Hayes Farm! It has been a busy, bountiful, and beautiful first couple of years here at Hayes and we're glad you've found us! 

Hayes Farm is a gem right inside the city of Fredericton's Devon neighbourhood. We are a community-led project that aims to inspire and mobilize New Brunswickers toward a resilient and thriving food system by providing them with the skills, expertise and support to practice human-scale regenerative agriculture. Our model addresses local food security, financial responsibility, personal and spiritual fulfillment for individuals and food production in the local community. We do this in the spirit of honouring Indigenous culture and food ways, integrative principles of land-based learning, and reconnection. This project is the brainchild of NB Community Harvest Gardens.

Crowdfund Campaign is LIVE


As we wrap up our 2nd season on the farm and the new-and-improved Regenerative Farming Certificate program, we need YOUR help to continue doing this work. 

We are working to create a new generation of community-led farms, one person at a time. Help us train people to feed their communities as part of a new food and climate paradigm.

As a community-based farm, we have refined our focus from maximizing profit to maximizing production (on a human scale) for greater community impact. With reduced revenue and public funding in 2019, we are asking for the crowd’s continued help in funding our current shortfall, so that this next cohort of farm learners can get a meaningful education in feeding our (their) communities without taking on an undue burden.

Please give generously, or share the campaign widely, whatever gift you may be able to offer. No donation is too small and every effort is deeply appreciated.

We are here for community, and we need you to be here for us!